Jason Schley is a Swamp Guy

Muddy Boots

I spent last Sunday ankle-deep in mud. Not my usual idea of a good time but I did end up learning a little bit about the behind the scenes efforts that go into having awesome bonsai trees. It’s called collecting and it is hard word, luckily all I had to do was hold a camera. Others were less fortunate.


Since I tagged along I was able to record some of the magic, which you can see right here. (That’s the official YouTube channel for Schley’s Bonsai and we are going to start uploading videos much more regularly, so subscribe!)

I don’t think most people understand just how much effort it takes to get some of the bigger trees out of the ground, those suckers were heavy. At one point I did attempt to hold one of the trees down while the roots were cut and all of my weight was barely enough, which is further proof that I seriously need to start working out. Maybe if I do I’ll be a little more useful when it comes to collecting in the future.

I also got the chance to film another video this week, which will be uploaded sometime soon. The video is about thread grafting, which is something I had never heard of until recently. After editing the video on it, I am fairly confident that I could not only explain the process to someone but that I can probably do it myself. Under the supervision of Jason,of course. I wouldn’t trust me completely, I know me better than that.

Spoiler image for next week’s video:


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