Trimming, Repotting, and Thread Grafting (Oh, My)


Last Sunday I went with Jason to Palm Coast where I watched him trim and re-pot several trees that were in a personal collection. If I didn’t know exactly how to re-pot a bonsai tree before Sunday then I definitely do now. I did already have a little bit of experience watching Jason work but this really hammered the entire process of repotting into my head. We will actually have a video up on YouTube later this week that shows exactly how to do it.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve got it down. I could do it if I had to and hey, that’s cool. Look at me, learning stuff and paying attention.

It was nice to see Jason transform some trees that really needed attention. My appreciation for what he does has certainly gone up in the last few weeks of watching him do his bonsai thing. And again, some of these trees really needed him:


That’s from the same tree that is pictured above.

This is what happens to the roots of a bonsai tree if you leave it in a pot for a few years. Crazy.

It was also neat to see Jason figure out the potential that a tree can have. He took the time to sketch out what he saw for the tree below and then got to work prepping it for those changes. This involved cutting some branches and also thread grafting (yay! there’s a new video up on our channel for that).


Anyway, there are quite a few things to look forward to coming up. There will be lots of new things added to the main website (trees and sooooo many new pots) and hopefully a blog post here written by Jason himself. I’m sure that will be nice for all readers since, despite what I may have picked up from hanging around him, having an actual expert adding content on here will be pretty cool. We also have videos coming soon so stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite tree transformations from the other day.



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