February and the Upcoming Spring Festival


Hello all, for the past few months we have been hard at work getting our new pots and wire in, mixing up bonsai soil, and planting over 500 trees in bonsai containers. We have a brand new website and have been blogging much more regularly as well as making new videos for our YouTube channel. This is an exciting time for sure.

For those of you in Central Florida, this is the beginning of our potting season, we typically repot our deciduous trees now, then come junipers and pines, followed by hardy evergreens, and once May rolls around we repot our tropicals. Obviously the schedule up north is quite different. February is also the month that we do deadwood work, carving, and detail wiring of our junipers.

Here’s a look at what we’ve been working on…


This is a Juniper Blue Alps (Juniperus chinensis) that hadn’t been worked in six years.


The above image was taken after wiring in December and the image below is what it looks like now in its new pot.


We are updating our main website weekly with tons of new content–pots, stock, finished trees, tools and more! I am very excited because our bonsai nursery is now in full production. Trees that I started growing ten years ago are now in pots. To be honest, it is an emotional high. I expect to have all of our new material potted up, priced, and wired for our April event.

Speaking of, this year’s Spring Festival takes place from April 24th to the 26th. That’s Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We will have free beer, delicious food, awesome music, and free demos. Admission and parking are free so plan on coming by.

This year we are offering pre-registration for classes at a discount. Expect to see more details posted on our website this week and discounts for the rest of February for workshops. We have a large amount of sweetgum, trident maples, Chinese quince, black pine, and junipers (Procumbens nana and Shimpaku). All are ready to get prepped for the event. If you aren’t following us on Facebook make sure to like our page now because we will be sending out the event page soon with more details.

Thank you for continuing to support local bonsai artists, we hope to see you at the funnest event of the year!

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