Fukien Tea Starter Kit


After putting our Juniper Starter Kit up on Etsy, Jason and I began to brainstorm about what we could come up with specifically for the website. We wanted another kit that someone new to bonsai could use as a point of entry into the hobby.

Once it was decided what this new kit would be, we shot a video for everyone who would purchase the kit so that they would know exactly what to do and also what they were spending their money on. The plan is to eventually have several different varieties of kits up on the website so keep on the lookout if this one isn’t the tree of your dreams.

So, this video is up on our YouTube channel and I will also embed it at the bottom of this post, but I’d like to go into a little bit more detail here on what is included in this kit.

Along with your Fukien Tea tree (which is seriously really a gorgeous type of tree and one of my favorites) you also get a really great pot to put the tree in. And the really cool thing, in my opinion, is that the purchaser gets to put the tree in the pot themselves. You get everything you need to start your tree out, which means soil, fertilizer, four different sizes of wire, starter shears and wire cutters, and the chance to make your own special work of art! This is something that I find super exciting and I’m hoping that anyone who does end up buying the kit will send us pictures of their final product because I know they are going to turn out great.

It’s also worth mentioning that we have this on sale on the website and it will be on sale until the end of September. Regularly priced at $79, it is available for $59.95 right now. But if you don’t happen to see it until after that, don’t worry because it will be back on sale (along with everything else on the website and at the shop) for our special Fall Sale that’s going to be happening October 20-24th.

fall copy

Another exciting thing that we have coming up is our September beginners class (held on the 19th) which is filling up fast, so if you are in the area go ahead and reserve your spot here.

And now, without further ado, here is our instructional video on what to do with our Fukien Tea Bonsai Starter Kit:

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