Jason Schley got his first taste of bonsai as a 16 year old high school student in the 1991/1992 school year. His first attempt at bonsai ended with a dead tree so he began to read every book about bonsai he could get his hands on. Shortly after he moved to Florida in 1994, he met Tom Zane who showed him what a real bonsai looked like. This encounter blossomed into 10 years of Jason learning everything he could from Tom. Tom was a great well of knowledge and very helpful in improving his knowledge and skill set both horticulturally and artistically. Along the way, Jason’s bonsai collection grew from 3 to 250! In 1997, Jason met another great bonsai artist, Mike Rogers who also was a great help in improving his love for wiring for refinement and larger bonsai. Soon, he started propagating trees and selling wholesale. On April 1st, 2003 Jason took over Wittbold’s nursery in Holly Hill, FL and has been in business ever since. Jason eventually found property in Deland, Florida where he has grown and expanded his  beautiful nursery.   Jason’s passion for bonsai is apparent in his refined trees and enthusiastic teaching. 

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